The Public Adjustment Industry

The Value of A Public Adjuster

Gene Veno, President of AAPIA talks about the importance of Public Adjusters for the policyholder. AAPIA reports to all Public Insurance Adjusters nationwide on matters that pertain to the public adjusting industry. AAPIA meets with state commissioners and legislators around the country to help facilitate and govern the services we provide for the consumer.

 Gene Veno - President of American Association of Public Insurance Adjusters

20/20 News Report - A Must See!

Did the big insurance companies cheat their customers out of the money they needed when trying to rebuild during one of the worst catastrophic storms of the decade hurricane Katrina? If you think your insurance company treats you like the good neighbor, Watch this video report featured on 20/20 and judge for yourself.

 20/20 Report: Katrina Victims Claim State Farm Cheated