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Whether you own a home, business or commercial property - you will someday have to deal with damage mostly caused by circumsatnces beyond your control. All property that is owned under a mortgage has to carry an insurance policy, which is meant to indemnify you when a loss occurs by sudden or accidental means.
Insurance is big business. Consumers pay high premiums to insurers under contractual agreement and the understanding that when something goes wrong, that meets the proper provisions as stated in the policy - the insurer is under obligation to honor its contractual agreement and assist the policyholder in settling their insured property loss claim.


As much as you may want to believe that your insurer is going to be there when you need them the most, nothing could be father from the truth. Are all insurance companies bad? Of course not. However, it is common practice within the insurance industry to minimize claims by encouraging cost saving methods. To make matters even worse, some policyholders try to handle their own claims - BIG MISTAKE!   Would you try to represent yourself in the court of law when you're not skilled in the language of law? No, you would hire legal council to represent your interests - that is what he or she specializes in... the Law. Unless you are experienced in the language of insurance policies, loss adjustment and loss estimation, you will lack the fundamental skills necessary to put you on a level playing field with an insurance company adjuster and this can have a negative affect on the results of your claim.

No matter how skilled you may think you are at negotiating, you will still lack the ability to properly estimate your damage as that of an adjuster, unless you possess the knowledge and training to do so. Your insurance adjuster already knows this.